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 Manager vs you

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Role in game : Support

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PostSubject: Manager vs you   Manager vs you I_icon_minitimeSun Sep 08, 2013 7:27 pm

My work:

Give you a platform. Make scheduales and arrange scrims.
Create a good strong structure how to make practicetimes work well.
Find/replce players by finding tryouts (-and subs).
Come with ideas that will be beneficial for the team.
Find/sign up for tournaments.
Spectating games - mainly focusing on how the communication works.
Also listening to attitudes/-and dedication towards the game/team.
Managing facebook/forum and connections with other organisations.
Managing teamspeak/keep you updated about news/ideas- etc.
Help with keeping the team together and stongly dedicated at all times.
Adverticing us for the public such as stream/facebook etc.
Eventually - with your hard work - Manage the contact with potenially sponsors.
Create events, small as big - Keeping the team in a good spirit
Improving our forum/fb/ts/communcation/attitudes/headers/streams etc.
Be honest and straight with you.

Your work:

You decide whoever stays within the team or not.
4 votes needed in able to get a player kicked from the team.
Be dedicated, active, stick to the practicetimes and be ambitious.
Keep yourself updated on our forum.
Post when you can practice in a correct way and post it when you should (sundays).
Improve ingame/- and your communication within the team.
Also discuss what was good in games/-or bad and how to improve it/avoid it etc.
Give and take critisism - and do it in a respectfull way, both ways.
Make sure you never speak bad about someone within the team without them
being around themselves. (If something is bothering you, rather tell me).
Most likely wont be neccessery for the hole team to know since you can effect
the hole team with that negative feeling etc.
Keep me updated about changes for example practicetimes etc.
Play well, hard and ofc try to win what we need to win in able to get anywhere.
Bound within the team as much as possible.
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Manager vs you
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